Traffic heavily backed up with northbound I-29 lane closure

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NORTH SIOUX CITY, S.D. (KCAU) – A bridge re-construction project on Interstate 29 is backing up traffic for Siouxlanders heading north from Sioux City.

As people were heading home from work on the interstate around 5 p.m., northbound drivers had a much longer wait.

Some people said it took them more than 40 minutes to get through this traffic jam over lunch hour Wednesday.

Suzie Salberg drives to work in North Sioux City every day.

“Normally, from my house to my work, it takes like 10 minutes down the interstate,” Salberg ssaid.

But the construction project is adding a lot of extra time to her work day. Like many Siouxlanders, Salberg says there’s no way around waiting through this standstill traffic.

“With the North Sioux City bridge being closed and everything and now that the interstate is down to one lane, it just takes forever to get to work compared to before when it only took me like two minutes to get to work,” Salberg said.

The South Dakota DOT said they are repairing and overlaying the bridge deck on the northbound side of the bridge over the Big Sioux River.

“We are trying to get more life out of the bridge by doing this,” Rod Gall with the South Dakota DOT said.

Their crews are working as fast as they can, but traffic will likely be backed up like this through Friday.

“You have to be patient and if you know you have to go somewhere in south dakota you probably need to give yourself a good half hour so you can get them in time,” Gall said.

For many Siouxlanders though, their patience is running out as this summer’s construction projects seem to be piling on top of one another, leaving drivers with only one option — sitting in traffic.

“Just get it over with, get that bridge open as well, and don’t do everything all at once because it’s just making it very inconvenient for everybody,” Salberg said.

There is some hope for frustrated drivers waiting in this line up Wednesday. The South Dakota DOT said the deadline for the project is friday, but they’re hopeful with good weather, the bridge may be back to two lanes sometime Thursday.

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