SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — The Sioux City Police Department is implementing mobile speed cameras to catch traffic violations.

The cameras will be placed at the 3000 block of Floyd Boulevard and the 3300 block of Hamilton Boulevard.

Community policing Sergeant Jeremy McClure said he hopes the cameras persuade people to slow down.

“If we don’t send out a single ticket on these, that’s great. That means people are obeying the speed limit and the roads would be safer for it,” McClure said. “However, if people want to speed, I feel they owe this community some accountability.”

Maureen Nelson is a doctor at Sharp Eyes Family Vision Center. She said speeding on Floyd Boulevard is a daily occurrence.

“It just really kind of depends on the day, how much traffic is going by. Sometimes it’s really busy depending on the weather too, but yeah it’s probably at least once or twice a day where you’re seeing cars going pretty fast,” Nelson said.

She said it’s hard to know how effective the new speed cameras will be until they’re deployed. Christian Weinandt is an assistant manager at Flamez Tobacco and Vape on Floyd Boulevard. He said he sees people speeding every day, but he’s not sure if the cameras will make an impact.

“Depending on the placement possibly or how many are on the road. I do know from like recently they put them on the interstate or I guess within the last year they were on the interstate, people would just kind of slow down for the camera and then speed upright when they get by it,” Weinandt said.

If drivers receive a ticket from the being caught by the cameras, the ticket will not go on their driving record, McClure said. The fine will cost $100 and drivers can dispute it.