SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — If people start sliding off the road and getting stuck some Siouxlanders may find their selves in need of a tow truck

As a result of Monday night’s weather, many towing companies are expected to be out late into the night and early morning. Typically calls for assistance happen the most during morning commutes and after Siouxlanders head home. 

Jeff Day manager of Meier Towing says they receive fewer calls when anything more than 3 inches is predicted to hit Siouxland.

“Well it does seem that if we get less than 3 inches of snow we tend to be busier because people will actually think that they can get through and so we will actually have more accidents and that sort of thing,” said Day.

Day recommends Siouxlanders pack extra clothing, a blanket, and snacks while heading to and from work in case of an accident.