SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — The need for housing in Siouxland and the factors behind it was the topic of a tri-state forum.

The Siouxland Interstate Metropolitan Planning Council (SIMPCO) hosted its yearly legislative forum Friday morning. This year’s topics included renewable energy and the local housing market more specifically whether local housing projects are meeting the needs of the area.

According to Chris Lenz, a member of Mesner development and guest speaker, Siouxland’s recent housing projects consist of larger single-family homes with three to five bedrooms. Lenz said because the average cost of homes has risen, many young people are getting priced out of home ownership.

“You know, the larger homes are only available at a price point where an older couple can afford, so we’re not getting the needs met of who our residents are,” said Chris Lenz of Mesner Development.

Lenz says building fewer three- to five-bedroom homes needs to be part of the solution to the housing issues but there are many factors behind Siouxland’s housing problems.