Tire shortage could affect Siouxland truckers, farmers

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — A short supply of rubber is beginning to affect the supply of tires, even in Siouxland where dealers said they are beginning to feel the pinch.

What seems like a never ending list, just got a little longer. There’s now a tire shortage, and its expected to get worse.

Bobby Evans is a trucker. He said he hasn’t felt the affects quite yet.

“At the moment, it ain’t but if it did, it would shut us down for awhile. If we couldn’t get tires, we couldn’t do our job. I mean, you have to- these trucks have to be DOT-certified, they have so much on front and the back of them and if we can’t make them standard, we can’t do our job.”

But Donnie Odell, with Graham Tire, has.

“Of course, it’s hard to sell tires if you cant get them,” Odell said. “Raw materials hard to get, farm tires are really really hard to get right now, supply for the product like natural rubber.”

Bloomberg recently reported a shortage of natural rubber, ultimately affecting farmers and truckers that need large tires to operate their vehicle.

Kent Grisham, the President of Nebraska Trucking Association said he’s beginning to see those repercussions.

“Our dealers are reporting that there are some slow down with orders, when they order a truck load of tires, they have to really make sure they are babysitting that order to make sure it actually gets through,” Grisham said.

He says although the shortage hasn’t had too much of an affect, he advises truckers and consumers to not get too comfortable.

“So far, we’re getting by. but everybody is bracing for dramatic price increases because anytime the demand is up and the supply is down and it looks like it’s going to stay that way, prices are going to increase and when prices increase in trucking, that means prices are going to increase for everyone else because that’s the key element in shipping.”

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