SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Lawns need a lot of moisture this time of year, but the dry weather is not the only obstacle for Siouxlanders.

Jordan Green said he noticed his grass started to go yellow back in October. He said he would like to water it, but the weather is too cold.

“With my lawn, it’s very yellow right now and no green has come through at this point in time,” Green said. “We haven’t gotten around to watering it yet because it’s a little chilly for the pipes.”

Green said during this time, he’s focusing on what he can control to protect his lawn.

“We have tried raking things up a little bit,” Green said. “We have dogs, so we of course keep the lawn clean in that aspect.”

Ryan Reller owns Ryan’s Lawn Care in Sioux City. He said as grass roots start to take hold, the dry weather is not the only threat to a healthy lawn.

“With the dry weather, you’re at more risk of weeds taking over the grass and kind of choking out the nutrients that the grass needs to grow,” Reller said.

While weeds and dry weather can cause harm, Reller said user error is one of the biggest threats to an otherwise healthy lawn.

“People assume this dormant grass is dead when actually it’s just dormant,” he said. “The grass roots haven’t had time to take hold on the lawn yet.”

Reller said with some power raking, aeration and watering, he’s seen lawns turn green after a couple weeks but Siouxlanders just need to be patient.