SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — In a press release sent to parents, the district says it’s become aware of a post being shared on TikTok.

The post alludes to a threat to schools on December 17.

District officials say the post did not come from inside the district, but they are working with law enforcement to monitor the situation.

“You never know if it’s just a threat or if it’s the real deal, but we always treat them very seriously and we pursue these to the furthest extent that we can. And when we find somebody that has made a threat that’s a directed threat, then we hold them accountable and charge them with the most appropriate charge and the most severe charge that we can,” said Police Sergeant Jeremy McClure.

Sergeant McClure also said, the resources needed to deal with threats are taxing on the department.

“Not only do we have to invest a lot of our resources to investigating these threats, but we also invest additional resources to ensure schools are secure in countering any potential threat that there may be. So, you know, we invest a lot of time and manpower into tracking these down and investigating them, and then also making sure that the kids are safe.”

If you see or hear any information on social media or elsewhere, you are asked to contact school staff immediately.