MARCUS, Iowa (KCAU) — During a routine morning of picking students on the gravel road, the typical day was immediately interrupted when a semi failed to yield to a stop sign.

Almost a week ago, a crash involving a MMCRU bus and semi took place on 470th Street and F Avenue. During the panic of the collision, three high school girls got up and escorted students off the bus.

“There’s a semi-truck involved with a school bus from Marcus Meriden Cleghorn and the semi-truck was traveling northbound and collided into a school bus,” said Trooper Karey Yaneff with the Iowa State Patrol.

“I remember looking up, hearing the screaming, and then seeing the trailer pass, and then I don’t remember much after that. I remember flying.” said Leandra Klinker, a junior at MMCRU High School.

The collision sent 23 students over the seats and onto the floor, causing many kids to get whiplash and bruises. Florice Dahl is a freshman at MMCRU High School she said after a few minutes of feeling lightheaded and dazed from the crash, she knew she had to get everyone off the bus.

“You heard the screaming first before you realized anything actually happened. when all the kids were screaming, crying, it’s just like oh you have to help them. it’s just like okay get them off first, worry about yourself later,” said Dahl.

“I remember hearing somebody saying open the back door, so I jumped out and I hurt my ankle jumping out. Then getting all the kids off and helping the little ones out,” said Tattianna Moreno, a junior at MMCRU High School.

The three girls then got everyone away from the bus, just like they were taught to in a bus evacuation drill a week prior. The students said that without the training from the school they would have been clueless as to what to do.

“Sometimes you wonder how seriously students or even sometimes staff take it, so when I heard that information that was in their heads it kicked into action on that day. It was really great to hear that and I’m just very thankful and grateful that we had students like those three girls.” said Dan Barkel, MMCRU superintendent. 

Currently, the bus driver is on leave due to the injuries he sustained during the accident and the bus has been deemed totaled.