A West Monona School District bus went up in flames Monday morning.  Thankfully, the driver was just starting morning pick-up’s, and the three people onboard all escaped without injury.

But for the mother who had just put two kids on that bus, the start of the day is one she won’t soon forget.

That West Monona school bus had just stopped a few miles south of Castana to pick up Amanda Licthenberg’s two children when something went wrong.  Amanda captured these images of the bus engulfed in flames. 

The two children and the bus driver moved off the bus after they heard a loud bang, and were far away before the blaze started.  The bang was so loud, Amanda heard it from inside her house.

“It shook the house, actually, and that kind of frightened me so I ran to the patio door and looked outside and I saw my children and the bus driver getting off of the bus, looking under the bus, and I saw smoke coming from the back tire,” said Licthenberg.
“And then mom came out and started yelling for us so we went back inside. And was staring out this patio door and saw the bus, like the back tire start on fire,” added Lichtenberg’s daughter.

Lichtenberg tells us it appeared the rear tires of the bus caught fire and then the flames spread throughout the whole bus before firefighters could put it out. Monday night a cause for the fire had not been released.

We reached out to West Monona Superintendent Julie Trepa, but were unable to talk with her about what may have happened.