Thousands of more troops sent to Puerto Rico

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President Trump has agreed to boost federal disaster assistance, ordering increased funding.

Trump also answering questions about the administration’s response, criticized by some for being more sluggish than to disasters on the U.S. mainland, even though Puerto Rico is an American island.

The president is answering questions about his response to the disaster in Puerto Rico.

On the ground, the island is in crisis 95% of Puerto Rico is still without power, more than half of it’s residents without clean water,hundreds wait in the airport, trying to flee, but there are not enough planes.

Those that do get out, remember those left behind. 

“I left back my family and friends and co-workers and I’m here, and they are, you know. They don’t have hot water, they don’t have lights, they don’t have so many things that they need,” said Yadira Marcano.

Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, its residents are American citizens, but a week after Hurricane Maria, many say the federal response has been insufficient.

San Juan’s mayor says, bureaucratic red tape is holding up relief efforts.

New York Congresswoman, Nydia Velazquez on CNN, going even further.

“This is going to turn to be Mr. Trump’s Katrina,” said Rep. Velazquez.

In response the white house released photos of the president in the situation room being briefed on Puerto Rico, he brushed off questions about whether he’s been preoccupied by his battle with the NFL.

“Was I preoccupied? Not at all. Not at all I have plenty of time on my hands. All I do is work,” said President Trump.

The Trump Administration announced thousands of additional troops will head to Puerto Rico and that the federal government will cover 100% of the costs of debris removal and emergency assistance.  

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