SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Two Siouxland men were arrested after officials allegedly found stolen items from at least three separate victims during a traffic stop.  

According to complaint documents filed by the Woodbury County Sheriff’s Office, Carter Crum, 23, of Moville, and Andrew Squibb, 19, of Sioux City, were charged with several counts of burglary after officials received a report of erratic driving. 

The documents stated that a call for a reckless driver on Highway 20 resulted in an officer conducting a traffic stop for failure to obey a traffic control device.  

The documents specified that Squibb was driving, and Crum was a passenger. Their stories were allegedly not consistent, according to the documents, and they were subjected to a field sobriety test. The sheriff’s office called in an officer from the Sioux City Police Department to bring a K-9.  

According to the documents, the K-9 positively identified the order of a controlled substance leading to a search of the vehicle, however, there was no further mention of drugs and there were no drug-related charges filed at the time. 

During the search, officials were allegedly able to find a Michael Koors purse and wallet that belonged to a woman that was not present during the stop.  

Crum and Squibb were allegedly not able to provide a consistent story as to why the purse was in the vehicle, so officials contacted the woman that the items belonged to. The complaint documents stated that the woman told officials that their vehicles and garage had been broken into, and those items were among the missing possessions. The woman indicated to police that she’d like to press charges.  

Additional items belonging to the woman that was allegedly found during the search included Milwaukee tools, a checkbook, debit and credit cards, and a bow with arrows. The total estimated value of the stolen items added up to $2,380.  

The documents stated that officials also found a torque wrench and a Springfield XD handgun that was identified as being stolen from two separate individuals.  

Squibb admitted that he and Crum had been in possession of the handgun and the documents specified that Squibb was prohibited from possessing firearms due to allegedly being a convicted felon. Crum was later discovered to be prohibited from possessing a firearm due to an alleged prior conviction of domestic abuse.  

Crum was arrested while Squibb was still speaking with police about the burglaries, according to the documents. The officer who was investigating the situation found that the two individuals had been allegedly caught on surveillance, and the footage showed that what Squibb had allegedly told police was not consistent with the video.  

The complaint documents stated that the officer gave Squibb a final chance to “come clean” but he allegedly stopped talking altogether.  

The stolen items were seized by law enforcement and the victims filed reports on them, according to the documents. It was also indicated that additional victims are coming forward. Since the vehicle was towed, additional stolen property will be retrieved after officials have obtained a search warrant.  

Crum was charged with second-degree theft, dominion of a firearm by a domestic abuse offender, trafficking stolen weapons, and four counts of third-degree burglary. Squibb was charged with second-degree theft, dominion of a firearm by a felon, trafficking in stolen weapons, and four counts of third-degree burglary. The documents specified that additional charges may be filed.