Norfolk, NE (ABC9 News) – The Sons of Armageddon, Three Rivers Chapter, aren’t your typical biker club. In fact, they pride themselves on being law-abiding citizens.

The Organization doubles as a charity and has chapters all around the nation. The Three Rivers Chapter was established in Norfolk in May 2014, and since then the group has been involved in a number of philanthropic endeavors.

Including a charity dance for Habitat for Humanity, where the group raised more than $2,000 for a family in need. The riders live by the mantra “until the end of days,” a commitment they’ve made to their brotherhood as well as their charity work.

“We’ve all been there. We’ve all needed a little bit of help here and there from family and stuff, and some people don’t have that help so we try to fill in the gap and help wherever we can,” said Vince “Punisher” Raven, Three Rivers Chapter Sargent at Arms.

Their member vest are adorned with their club name, road names, and a “99%” tab to signify that they are law-abiding citizens. To ensure there good guy status, the group runs background checks on all members. Unlike most motorcycle clubs, The Sons of Armageddon allow female members to join as “sisters,” and even offer memberships for children.

“We’re not your average motorcycle club. We’re not a riding club, we’re not a “one-percenter.” We’re just a family-based, law-abiding riding club that’s looking to give back to our communities,” said Rena Hoelsdcher, who is months away from becoming a sister of the Sons of Armageddon.

The Clubs President, Dan “Axl” Zohner says he created the chapter because it gives him the freedom to combine all of his passions. “Brotherhood, friends, family, charity, big time charity,” said Zohner.