SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — About two dozen people gathered at the Urban Neighbor Center to pick up flyers about Brenda Payer’s information and plan their search.

36-year-old Brenda Payer was reported missing on September 29 and since then, her loved ones are trying everything to bring her home. That includes a search with the help of the Great Plains action society.

“We’ll focus on some of the area gas stations, area motels, and just see how many people we can get out to and just make it as big as possible and get as much exposure to this case as possible,” said Joshua Taylor with the Great Plains Action Society, “So, unfortunately, a lot of these cases concerning Native American females and males as of late as well, nationally and even Canada, I want to say there’s thousands of cases of just missing, missing individuals and a lot of those end up being, unfortunately, murders.”

The Sioux City Police Department has been searching for Payer as well, and they have stated that they entered Payer into the NCIC as a missing endangered person.

“So, if a law enforcement agency, anywhere in America comes in contact with her, they’ll be notified and try to provide the resources she needs to get help but also notify us that she’s been found as well,” said Community Policing Sergeant Jeremy McClure.

Native American Advocate Terry Medina said that Payer’s relatives are suffering from a broken heart as they continue the search with the ultimate goal of bringing her home.

“Brenda, I coached her since she was in the second grade in basketball, so it’s like one of my daughters, I coached her her whole life and so Brenda was always a loving compassionate mother,” said Medina.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Sioux City Police Department at 712-279-6960.