The results are out, but Iowans still fear caucus chaos ramifications

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Why some Iowans say they feel confused, frustrated and embarrassed

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – More than three days after the last Iowa caucus vote was tallied, the Iowa Democratic Party has published results from all 1,765 precincts, but the caucus confusion appears to be far from over.

There is still plenty of chaos surrounding the Iowa Caucuses on Thursday night, resulted in inconsistencies being reported in dozens of precincts.

Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez is already calling on the Iowa Democratic Party to re-canvas the caucus.

Something neither front runners seemed interested in during a town hall in New Hampshire Thursday night.

“I’ll leave it to the party to get into that,” said Buttigieg. “Whatever they need to do to make sure the information is clear and verified.”

“The people there are really great people, and it is really sad that the Democratic Party of Iowa, if I may say so, screwed up,” said Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT).

Democratic candidates have until 12 p.m. Friday to file a request for a recanvass or a recount.

So will Iowa still be ‘First in the Nation’ come 2024?

Confused, frustrated and embarrassed were just some of the ways folks in Siouxland described how they’ve been feeling since this Caucus chaos ensued.

Many say they have serious doubts that Iowa will hang on to it’s ‘First in the Nation’ status.

A graveyard of 2020 presidential signage remains in front of now empty Iowa campaign offices and behind locked doors.

The candidates putting Iowa in the rearview mirror.

“We’ve got enough of Iowa. I think we should move on to New Hampshire,” said Sanders.

With the caucus excitement and expectations flaming out, Iowans wait and wonder how the delay in results will impact their mark on this election.

“Regardless of what it turns out, the general feeling around the country is Iowans are stupid and don’t know what they’re doing,” said Douglas Vandervoort, Sioux City resident.

“It makes us look ridiculous and unorganized. We’re supposed to lead the country and we just look stupid. Why would anyone listen to what we have to say now?” said Andrea Mader, Sioux City resident.

“I think a lot of them are going to say, I don’t think they counted all the ballots and people have talked about them being in garbage cans. I think that takes the credibility away,” said Jeff Wooldridge, Sioux City resident.

Iowa Democrats once rallying around a call for change in Washington, now questioning their own way of doing things.

“It is so horse and buggy that it’s unbelievable. Turns out you can’t keep track of 300 people when they’re going to the john and going out for a drink of water, it’s terrible. Just a terrible system,” said Vandervoort.

“Something isn’t going right. If it’s not going right, this is the 20th century you can change things,” said Heather Delong, Sioux City resident.

But the desire for change is often conflicted with the hope of preserving what puts Iowa in the national spotlight every four years.

“It didn’t work too well, but I like the way they do it!” said Wooldridge.

“I do like the event of people getting together and joining in what they believe. I think that’s a good practice,” said LJ Everly, Sioux City resident.

“I just think that from a standpoint of tradition that it’s a good thing,” said Garret Soldati, Sioux City resident.

A tradition that might not survive this latest blunder.

“[It] could jeopardize our ‘First in the Nation’ status,” said Wooldridge.

“I think that the party are just not going to allow it anymore,” said Vandervoort.

“We basically just screwed everything up!” said Mader.

“I think Iowa is just really getting a bad wrap,” said another Sioux City resident.

The unfortunate thing is that many of the steps taken this year to make the caucuses more transparent and accessible are actually what caused these delays.

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