The legalization of medical marijuana draws debate on school drug policy

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Board Directors also discuss Superintendents raise, and new $75,000 donation

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Medical Marijuana is a topic making headlines across the state and at Monday nights Sioux City School Board meeting, officials are taking note.

Current district policy allows for the immediate dismissal of any staff or faculty found to be under the influence of drugs. Monday, the board discussed how the use of medical marijuana plays into that policy.

Directors acknowledge that the new law could impact future practices.

School Board President, Jeremy Saint says, “I think that’s just something that in the environment elicits strong feelings because, you know, they’re working with kids. Some people think there should be no second chance for people who have that kind of violation. Then there are others who say, you know, there could be circumstances where things are going on where it would be a good idea. What’s currently in that policy is sort of a middle ground of it’s possible, but we’re certainly not going to require someone get a second chance.”

During the course of Monday’s meeting, the board was also happy to approve a donation of $75,000 from CNOS Medical Group. The money will be used for a new medical area to be built at the Sioux City career academy. CNOS’s donation reserves them the naming rights to that future amenity.

Lastly, without much debate, the Board approved Superintendent Paul Gausman’s nearly 2 percent raise. Bringing his salary to about $243,000.

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