SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — The Woodbury County Law Enforcement Center project remains on schedule, despite a handful of delays and set-back.

Members of the LEC authority provided drone footage and pictures of the center’s progress. While weather and supplies have caused hiccups in the project’s construction, the center is still on track to be completed by late summer.

Officials say two components will help construction finish on time. Those are pre-constructed cell pods and mod-backs…or modular units for the cell’s water and electrical hookups.

“The mod-backs that are on the back of those cells are assembled on a table in a plant in ankeny. Once they arrive and the cells arrive the actual cell installation and the mod-backs goes very very quickly,” said Ron Weick, a member of the Law Enforcement Authority.

The nearly $70 million law enforcement project will be able to house almost 450 inmates and provide offices for the Woodbury County Sheriff’s, Woodbury County Attorney’s office and the Sioux City Attorney. The center will also have 4 courtrooms.