AKRON, Iowa (KCAU)– Thousands of people got into the fall spirit Saturday, relaxing and having fun at the 23rd annual Great Akron Scarecrow Festival.

From homemade pies and tacos-in-a-bag to carnival games and petting zoos, there were many activities for both adults and kids to enjoy. The main event was the Scarecrow contest, where folks built a variety of strawman and attendees voted which one they liked the most. 

All scarecrows displayed were auctioned off for people to take home.

Lisa Harris, the president of Akron’s General Federation Of Women’s Clubs says they’re thankful for all the help they received from the community to pull off the festival, especially from the children.

”We’ve watched them as little kids coming and having their faces painted to now being the ones that sit over in the face painting booth and are painting the faces, or helping out in the petting zoo, or with the childrens games. If you look around there’s just kids everywhere helping out,” said Harris.

Money raised during the Great Akron Scarecrow Festival will be used to fund next year’s event and also give back to the community.