Testimony ends in trial of man accused of killing two

Local News

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Testimony in the trial of a Sioux City man accused of killing two people in January 2018 is now complete.

The fate a 19-year-old Tran Walker is now in the hands of District Judge Tod Deck.

Walker is facing two counts of first-degree murder after allegedly killing his ex-girlfriend Paiten Sullivan and a mutual friend, Felipe Negron Junior.

On Monday, Judge Deck heard from witnesses at the scene of the stabbing as well as crime scene experts who testified about the victims wounds as well as “offensive wounds” found on Walker. 

“When that happens, the hand slides off the handle over the and onto the blade of knife. If the sharp edge is facing up towards your fingers, you’ll often end up with a sharp force injury on the pinky side of your hand”

It could be several days before Judge Deck offers a verdict in the case. If convicted, Walker faces up to life in prison with out parole.  

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