A Sioux City teen who was let out of prison early after being convicted of robbing a Sioux City Bank has been sentenced to 30 days in jail after repeatedly violating her probation over the past few months. 

19-year-old Heaven Zevenbergen appeared in court on Thursday after violating her probation by smoking marijuana at Creek Fest this summer. Documents obtained by ABC9 show that after being charged with a probation violation and marijuana possession, Zevenbergen further violated her probation by skipping a meeting with her probation officer and traveling to Arnold’s Park to get married. 

Zevenbergen’s probation officer Jared Nobbe told recommended to the court that her probation be revoked and her 5 year prison sentence be reinstated, citing numerous violations over the past several months. 

According to reports from the Iowa Department of Corrections,on August 8th, her probation officer conducted a home visit with a deputy from the Ida County Sheriff’s Office. Once inside, the officer detected a strong odor of marijuana and asked Zevenbergen where any illegal items were located. Authorities say that she led her probation officer to her bedroom and produced a container of marijuana along with two pipes.

Zevenbergen was taken into custody by the Ida County Sheriff’s Office and charged with Possession of Marijuana and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. The Woodbury County Attorney’s Office filed to have her probation revoked on August 10th.

Documents reveal that after her arrest Zevenbergen skipped a September 2nd meeting with her probation officer. When she finally met with him on September 15th, she informed him that she had traveled to Arnold’s Park to get married. A condition of her probation required her to notify her probation officer prior to leaving Ida County. 

Zevenbergen was initially sentenced to 5 years in prison for her role in a theft she committed with Angelica Perez at the Security National Bank branch located inside the Hamilton Boulevard Hy-Vee. According to police records, Zevenbergen was working as a clerk at the branch in August of 2015 when Perez walked up to her teller window wearing a disguise and passed a message to Zevenbergen saying she had a gun and wanted money.  Zevenbergen allegedly handed over  about $10,000 dollars, which was never recovered.

However, Zevenbergen and Perez would only serve a few months of that sentence after Judge Jeffery Neary re-sentenced the two to probation.

The judge could have imposed Zevenbergen’s original sentence of 5 years in prison. However, he opted to sentence her to 30 days in the Woodbury County Jail instead. At Thursday’s hearing she agreed to turn herself in on Friday morning.