SOUTH SIOUX CITY, Neb. (KCAU) — Across the U.S. a teacher shortage is causing teacher burnout. Here in Siouxland, administrators said that they see the same thing.

Todd Strom is superintendent at South Sioux City Community Schools. He said that this year’s recruitment went well but the district still needs to fill openings

“Our actual crop of new teachers is right around 30. Which is fairly about the average for us. It might be a little higher than normal, but not much really,” said Todd Strom

Across the river, a new group of Sioux City teachers went through orientation at West High on Monday. More than 120 educators are joining the district this year.

Despite the number of new faculty members, the school district is still looking for people.

“It’s probably around 30 vacancies. I do think we are in a much better place than we were last year. Some of the hard positions to fill are construction, English as a second language, duo language, family consumer science, and special ed. That’s a big one,” said Jan Gomez.

If openings aren’t filled, someone needs to fill the gap. According to, 80% of teachers report being assigned more work as a result of job openings in their field.

Irene Zogkou has worked in the Sioux City Community School District for more than 5 years as an English as a Second Language instructor. She said she’s worked extra hours because of the shortage but that hasn’t stopped her from continuing her dream

“If it’s something that you enjoy to do, you know, it’s always very rewarding to be able to help any school allowed. I always thought, kind of, the fine print of the job. I was always really happy to help,” said Irene Zogkou.

Teachers in Sioux City will pick up a $2,500 bonus over the next two years. School officials said the funds go out to those new, returning, and along with permanent substitute teachers.