Tax free weekend kicks off across Iowa on Friday

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Local retailers say it’s second busiest to the holiday rush…. back to school and tax free weekend sales are in full swing.
Tax free weekend runs through this Saturday, saving shoppers $6 for every $100 they spend on clothes. Local retailers are taking advantage of the rush.
“We’ve been working most of our stuff out of the back room, so we’re completely full on the floor, so we’re expecting great guest experience as far as you coming in, looking for what you need… we got it!” says Sam Bass, Manager, Target.
“And we’re also having a sidewalk sale, the stores are pulling sale merchandise and clearance merchandise out into the common areas of the mall. There’s a lot, a lot of great deals going on right now, and on top of that, you also get the tax free weekend!” says Matt Pawlowski, General Manager, Southern Hills Mall.
So what’s included in the tax exemption?
“All of our clothes, we do have a sheet, if our guests would like, on specific items so we can let them know… but like I said majority of our clothes, shoes, shirts, pants… all that good stuff” says Sam Bass, Manager, Target.
Most clothing items under $100 are tax exempt but there are some caveats… like, belts like these with the buckles are tax exempt, without the buckles.. the state gets some money.
If you’re looking for school supplies, you’ll have to pay the 6% sales tax… But that doesn’t mean there aren’t sales on non-clothing items.
“Even those that don’t sell clothing are having special sales, pulling out clearance items into the common area, of the mall.. it’s a great opportunity to save on everything!” says Matt Pawlowski, General Manager, Southern Hills Mall.
According to the Des Moines Register, last year shoppers saved $3.6 million with tax free purchases. This year they are expected to save $3.7 million. 
“It’s a very busy time for us and really an exciting time. We love this, we love the extra traffic, we love the excitement and the fun that this generates in the mall” says Matt Pawlowski, General Manager, Southern Hills Mall.
For full list of tax exempt items… check out this link: 

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