Tattoo safety is a high priority with recent FDA ink recall

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – The FDA has released a list of contaminated tattoo inks. The six inks, made by three different companies, are believed to be tainted with bacteria. One local Siouxland tattoo owner is familiar with the recent recall.

Living Art Tattoo Studio owner Andy Bagshaw said knowing things like ink recalls and making sure his customers are not affected by it is a big part of running his business.  

“Everything is inspected by health departments. and it’s actually good that it was caught and came out when it did so that it didn’t spread. It just shows the importance of having regulations in place,” said Bagshaw.

Bagshaw said making sure a new tattoo is properly cleaned is crucial to prevent a skin infection. 

“Signs of infection again the redness the swelling, the purulent draining, fever contact your primary care provider or go to your closest urgent care they can treat that for you,” said nurse practitioner Ruthann Uhl with MercyOne Singing Hills Family Medicine.

In Iowa, tattoo artists are required to go through blood-borne pathogen and first aid training to ensure their safety and that of their customers. 

“A big part to that is understanding cross contamination and how not to contaminate your work area, obviously using new products on everyone or sterilized equipment,” said Bagshaw.

Ruthann Uhl is a nurse practitioner who has not only dealt with tattoo-related skin infections but has also has a tattoo of her own. 

“He touched it up really well. I had no problems with it. I watched for signs of infection. I did use some Tylenol it was uncomfortable for the first 48 hours but he did a great job,” said Uhl.

“It has been 14 years and we haven’t had any issues with any of this stuff and I think a big part of that is how closely we watch it,” said Bagshaw.

Uhl said she sees three to four patients a year, for skin infections related to new tattoos. She says it is important to follow safety precautions that should be given to you by your tattoo artist to keep yourself healthy. 

Click here for the list of recalled inks by the FDA.

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