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Take A Look At This: July 11, 2018

Flight attendants saved bulldogĀ during flight, monsoon hits a dry Phoenix

Flight attendants saved a bulldog during a flight, and a monsoon hits a dry Phoenix.


A Massachusetts couple says two Jet Blue flight attendants saved their dog's life.

On a flight from Orlando, the vacationing couple's French bulldog started acting distressed.

3-year-old Darcy's tongue and gums were blue and she was panting frantically.

Flight attendants responded by bringing Darcy an oxygen mask to help her breathe.

They also brought ice bags to help her cool down.

The pup rebounded in just a few minutes and was fine for the rest of the flight.

The couple wrote a letter to Jet Blue thanking the company for helping Darcy.

It turns out, one of the attendants that helped also owns a French bulldog


Residents are recovering from a massive monsoon that rolled through the Phoenix area.

It hit on July 9, prompting dust storm, severe thunderstorm and flash flood warnings.

Winds of 70 mph were reported and heavy rainfall flooded streets.

More than 140 flights were delayed and roughly 80,000 customers were left without power.

Damage was reported, including downed power lines and trees ripped from the ground.

According to the National Weather Service, the storm ended a 118-day dry streak for Phoenix

And when it rained, it poured; the storm set a new record for daily rainfall for the area.

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