Take A Look At This: August 15, 2018

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An unexpected visitor showed up at a Connecticut business, law enforcement save animals in path of wildfire, and a 300 year old can found off the cost of Florida.

A bear walked into a liquor store at a business in Bristol, Connecticut.

Cameras were rolling when the surprise guest showed up at Crazy Bruce’s Discount Liquors

Employees quickly locked the bear out.

Moments later a customer walks in, seemingly oblivious to the wild animal in the store’s entryway

Eventually the bear left, without buying any spirits.

Officials raced to evacuate an animal shelter in the path of a California wildfire.

The SPCA of Solano County posted the video to Facebook.

The shelter in Vacaville was warned they were in the direct path of the Nelson fire.

On very short notice, employees and police worked quickly to clear the shelter.

All sixty animals made it out safe and were relocated to foster homes.

The SPCA later said their building appeared to be undamaged by the fire.

Divers recovered a 300-year-old Spanish cannon off Florida’s coast.

It was recovered from a shipwreck experts say was part of a sunken spanish fleet.

The fleet went down in a hurricane in 1715, while carrying treasure headed for Spain, which means the cannon had been sitting on the ocean floor for more than three centuries.

The salvage company involved used an airbag and a crane to slowly lift it to the surface.

They plan to restore the cannon,  a process that could take up to three years

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