Survivor group demands Cardinal DiNardo resign

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FILE – This Dec. 1, 2012 file photo shows a silhouette of a crucifix and a stained glass window inside a Catholic Church in New Orleans. As U.S. Catholic bishops gather for an important national assembly, the clergy sex abuse crisis dominates their agenda. But it’s only one of several daunting challenges facing the nation’s […]

Tim Lennon held back tears as he reflected back on a photo of him at 12 years old. It was at that age that he recalled being violently abused by a Sioux City priest. 

Now as an adult, Tim Lennon is the President of the Survivors’ Network of those Abused by Priests, also known as SNAP. It is through this group, Tim strides to make sure this type of abuse never happened to anyone else.  

“Part of the mission is to protect children to make sure not another child is harmed or not another vulnerable person,” said Lennon.

During the protest, SNAP accused former Sioux City bishop and newly appointed Cardinal Daniel Dinardo of covering up sexual abuse in Sioux City and Houston. Snap is demanding Dinardo resign from his position. 

“The Parishioners of the Catholic faith needs to decide what kind of institution they want. Whether they’re going to allow predators to remain in their midst, and whether they’re going to allow bishops to hide and cover these predators,” said Lennon. 

Scott Rhinehart is Lennon’s Attorney and they both want the diocese to release the name of hidden abusers they claim Cardinal Dinardo covered up. Rhinehart said the abuse won’t stop until all the facts are released.

“Until there is a disclosure and until there’s a revelation of offensive priests, this is just going to
continue on and on,” said Rhinehart. 

Michelle Linden is a member of the Catholic Church and she said she fears her children will reject the church because of its reputation. 

“I do believe in the church and I do want it to stay. I want my children to be in the church but when you’re constantly disappointed by the church, I can see why’d they leave,” said Linden. 

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