Supplements vs food nutrients

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – As society becomes more health conscious, supplements are becoming a popular option for people who are looking to improve their health, but some question if replacing whole nutrients with supplements is a good idea.

As of now, supplements make it easier for people to get the nutrients they need without eating a meal. Shawn Frankl, the owner of Big Iron Gym and fitness trainer, explained why he prefers his clients to use both supplements and healthy foods.

“What I feel that is most important is that they get their nutrients in. It really doesn’t mattvier how, but that they get them in because everybody’s lifestyle is different and people are on the go. They’re so busy, ” said Frankl.

While supplements are convenient, recent research shows that replacing meals with a supplement might not be the healthiest option. Abby Banks, a pharmacist at Drilling Pharmacy, said supplements are a good way to get extra nutrients in your body, but it’s not good to solely depend on them.

“The supplements are harder to absorb in your body, so you could have mild side effects like fatigue, tiredness, difficulty with digestion,” said Banks. “The most beneficial way to get all of your nutrients is through food by maintaining a good diet and eating a wide variety of food, fruits, and vegetables specifically. I do think supplements do play a good role but the best way is through food.”

Supplements continue to be a popular source of nutrition for people on the go, however, some Siouxlanders like Jay Myers, still prefer the old fashion way.

“The majority of the nutrients I consume is through the food that I eat just because one, the majority of supplements aren’t cheap,” said Myers.

Ultimately it’s an individual choice, but experts remind people that long term side effects of any medical decision always needs to be considered. 

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