SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — During last week’s Woodbury County Supervisors meeting, Ernie Colt, a business representative for the north central states regional council of the carpenters union, raised concerns including his belief that the general contractor, Hausmann Construction does not have a daily sign-in and out sheet for workers.

Colt has been a vocal critic of the workforce hired to complete the project

A 3-member law enforcement authority is responsible for oversight of the jail project. Members have not spoken publicly about Colt’s accusations, but Tuesday night the supervisors indicated they are satisfied with the project’s workforce.

“We asked for the law enforcement center authority to divulge the sub-contractors, we made that information public tonight. We also clarified that, to our knowledge, the quality assurance questionnaire has been completed. And that for purposes of payroll, taxes and other employee compensation that there is monthly reporting. And so we made that information available tonight.” says board vice-chair Jeremy Taylor.

The authority is made up of one member each from the supervisors and Sioux City City Council along with one community member. Colt did not attend Tuesday’s supervisors meeting.

Other supervisors news

Supervisors voted to move ahead with a series of three, public hearings to discuss new setback guidelines for proposed wind turbines in the county. The first hearing is planned as part of the board’s May 9 weekly meeting.

Supervisors took no action on a request from county attorney James Loomis to provide $2,000 bonuses to the 8 members of his staff.

“We just gave, about two weeks ago, a thousand-dollar bonus to every member of that particular union. Now this is just carving out for eight individuals within the county attorney’s office because they’re some discretionary funds, yet another bonus and so it becomes where does it end,” said Taylor.

Loomis had suggested the bonuses be paid from “fines collections”. He said his office is currently seriously understaffed.