SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — 5th graders at Sunnyside Elementary got to showcase research they had done on multiple topics Wednesday night.

Students completed the last phase of their International Baccalaureate Primary Years program through an exhibition.

Some of the subjects included topics such as pet abuse, women’s rights, and drugs.

This process gave students the ability to explore, document, and share their understanding of issues around them.

“As much as we’re proud of them for doing these projects that they’ve complete, we also know that these are life skills they are learning,” International Baccalaureate Coordinator Erin Barth said. “We want them to know that they can make a difference in that what they are doing is making a difference in our community and also the world.”

Students structured their projects in a way that could help their community and show how it would affect different people in the community.

“We’re trying to show how many people it affects and how it helps those people that it affects,” said one of the 5th graders, Jarrell Angerman.

As part of their work, there were free little libraries created as well as neighborhood littering programs and more.