DAKOTA CITY, Neb. (KCAU) — Representatives from Summit Carbon Solutions spoke with Dakota County Commissioners to share updates on their $3.7 billion carbon pipeline project.

A new study from Summit Carbon shows the economic benefits that can come from the capture, transportation and storage of CO2.

The company projects new jobs, tax revenue, support for local suppliers and the strengthening of the regional economy.

They also said, each year, the pipeline would create more than 11,000 positions between the three Siouxland states as well as Minnesota and North Dakota.

The director of Summit Carbon Solutions broke down the carbon capture benefits to Dakota Couty’s economy.

“Specifically, property tax, you know, revenue of over $500,000 a year in Dakota County, as well as over $45 million of capital expenditures being spent. In addition to that, there will be both temporary and long term jobs that are tied to this project as well,” said Erik Schavonec.

The Dakota County Planning and Zoning Committee is looking at county regulations toward carbon pipeline projects.

The next board of commissioners meeting will be on May 16.