Summer pests cause high risk for animals

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – If you plan on having your animal outside this summer, they may be at a very high risk of developing diseases. Especially if your pet does not have the proper medical treatment, they could possibly fall victim to skin infections, lyme disease, and heart disease. 

“So flea, ticks, and mosquitos are three biggest ones we see. We are starting to see some ticks already, we have seen several pets with ticks attached to them already. Before we know it, we will be seeing the fleas and mosquitos as well,” says Abbie Krause, a veterinarian at Family Pet.

That’s a threat dog owners like Kevin Encinas is well aware of and he protects his pet against fleas, ticks, and mosquitos. 

“She’s two years old. She’s my child, basically part of the family and I’m the only one out here of my family so she is my family. So it’s really important to keep your family happy and healthy,” said Kevin Encinas, a local dog owner.

Krause says thinking of a pet as a family member is a good way to remember how important regular testing and treatment can be.

“We believe pets are family members, and you want to keep your family members healthy and happy for as long as you can, so that is part of it preventing against parasites like flees, mosquitoes, and heartworms keeps your family members healthy and happy for as long as you can,” says Krause.

But it’s not only family pets that need protection. With the warmer weather moving into Siouxland, 
Sioux City Animal Adoption and Rescue Center are seeing an influx of animals coming into their facility already suffering from summer pests.

“Each year it costs us hundreds of dollars to treat these animals before they go home or before they are placed in a new home. They have to all have to be treated with flea treatment to prevent ticks and fleas,” says Cindy Rarrat Director of Sioux City Animal Adoption and Rescue.

Rarrat says that’s another reason Siouxlanders should consider adopting local for their next furry friend.

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