SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Morningside Mass Communication students were spinning it old school all day Saturday.

In an age where computers handle most of the music that is listened to, whether it be on streaming services or on radio stations like Morningside University’s KMSC Fusion 93, students took back control from the playlist and played vinyl records over air.

“It’s kind of a global, not really a movement, but an activity that is done through radio stations, college radio stations is where it started, all across the globe,” said KMSC News Director, Garrett Arbuckle.

“Its where you play either 12 or 24 hours straight of only vinyl music. It’s realy fun because its a unique opportunity to see what it used to be like to be on a radio station,” said KSMC Music Director, Caden Schulte.

Switching from digital to vinyl brings some challenges to students.

“It’s a lot easier with digital because it’s a little bit simpler. You kind of have to know what you’re gonna say before you go on so you can easily flip through, especially if you want to play sides of the same record,” said KSMC Social Media Director, Payton Miller.

And it provides them with a unique experience for those who wish to seek employment in the field.

“Definitly puts me in touch with the past and it gives me another look at how to do the job that I would like to have in the future,” said Brandyn Clair, Junior at Morningside University.

“And I loved it. At first it was a requiremnet but then it just came to be that I just enjoyed coming here and sitting down, playing whatever music I wanted play and talking about what ever stupid stuff I wanted to talk about,” said Miller.

Vinylthon is a nation wide event that raises money for the college radio foundation to fund scholarships.