SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Students at one sioux city high school have ascended to greatness with a bobblehead.

Each semester students with the North High School art department create bobbleheads. One from each student is selected by their peers to enter the hall of fame. Today, the students were inducted in with a ceremony in front of their classmates and parents. KCAU 9 spoke with Jeremy Dumkrieger, the art teacher at north high, about the program.

“Teaches kids something more than just make something, take it home, make something, take it home. Give them a little drive, give them a little competition. It’s so important to everything from music to business too and art too,” Dumrieger said.

Every semester the classes also create a bobblehead of a local leader that impacts the community. This semester, Sioux City Mayor Bob Scott was given the honor.