Storm, wind damage reported across northeast Nebraska

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STANTON, Neb. (KCAU) – Northeast Nebraska residents experienced severe weather Wednesday night and early Thursday morning. High winds, heavy rain, and lightning combined for widespread damage.

Stanton residents were woken up to sirens alerting them to get to shelter.

“It was around one or so, my wife woke me up and said we’re in a tornado warning, her phone went off. So we went down to the basement and we pulled out our phones, our tablets, etcetera, checked radar to see what’s going on,” said Bob Paden, a resident of Stanton County.

It was a fast moving storm, traveling across northeast Nebraska at around 75 miles per hour.

“Soon as you hear the sirens, you go downstairs. So we sheltered down in the basement for, I dont know, 30-45 minutes and it all cleared, and we came back up and started surveying, but you couldn’t see much at that time at night,” said David Andrews, a resident of Stanton.

And when the sun came up, the damage was more visible.

“As I drove through town, and I did go to work a little bit this morning before I came to the golf course, and there were tree limbs down,” said Paden.

“We have some trees down here in Stanton. Most of the large ones have been removed already. We have two fires that were caused by the weather last night,” said Stanton County Sheriff Mike Unger.

“The parks are going to be damaged more than likely and everybody starts picking up, pitching in and getting together and get things back to normal. It’s just kind of a built in instinct,” said Paden.

The area saw as much as 1 inch of rain, but the National Weather Service reported winds gusting up to 85 miles per hour.

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