Steve King says book exposes the ‘cyberwar’ waged upon him

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Former Congressman Steve King has been working to release his novel, ‘Walking Through the Fire,’ and says it has evidence that will set the record straight. 

King said the book gives an accurate depiction of the values he holds true and defends, while also recounting the true story of the ‘cyber war’ that took place from 2018 until about 2021 in which he was misquoted.  

“It looked like a viral cyberwar that was unloaded on me, but the truth was that it was orchestrated,” King said, “and I know that it was and this book, ‘Walking Through the Fire,’ proves it. There is a five-page, fact-checked document in the back of this book that has been out for 2 years, and no one has found a flaw in it yet.” 

King said he wanted the novel to be easy for readers to understand, so its topics are set in order of events starting with a bit of his early life up to the events that led to the lost election.  

King began the process by voicing the narrative of the novel which took four days then edited the transcription of the audio recording.  

“I can’t begin to type as fast as I want to talk or think,” King said, “and so that was the foundation of it. I mean, I just believe this; that the voters, their decisions are sacrosanct. And when the voters make a decision, and they elect somebody to represent them in congress and some leader, supposed leader, from California, decides ‘you’re not going to have that person representing you here in Iowa,’ people need to know that, and they need to see it unfold if they use this tactic again.” 

King said he was given a heads up and wanted the people to know that within three weeks of the 2020 election, the current Minority Leader of the United States House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy, was ‘lobbying president trump to endorse his opponent,’ Randy Feenstra. 

King said he doesn’t want anyone to feel sorry for him after reading the novel, and he’s been enjoying his time home since retiring from office. 

The overall message that King said he wants people to understand is that he has stood on his principles because he believes in them.  

“I have often said to people that we have the pillars of American exceptionalism, most of them are in the bill of rights; freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly, and the right to keep and bear arms and you can go on. But then the end of that, free enterprise capitalism and the foundations and values of, I’ll say, Judeo-Christianity, that’s what built this country and that is the pillars of American exceptionalism.” 

King said the nation is being taken apart as the public watches through online forums, “We can’t have a society that functions like this,” he said, “I want people to be aware so they can fix it at every level.” He said the best way to contribute and help is by being involved, getting on the ballots, being a part of school boards, and defending the upcoming generations.  

Through spending six years in the Iowa Senate and 18 years in the House of Representatives, King said he has learned a lot and didn’t expect there to be as much traveling involved in his roles as there had been. King visited 70 countries throughout his career and was able to meet the leaders of a majority of them.  

Through King’s understanding of history, he was able to appreciate the significance of the places he visited and give reverence to the people who lost their lives in the line of duty. 

“For example,” King said, “the Cemetery of Normandy, there are about Jewish 150 stars of David there, and the rest 9,700 and some are all Christian crosses, gave their lives for our God-given liberty and to protect and defend western civilization.” 

King said that anyone who wants to be a leader shouldn’t wait for an opportunity to arise but take on challenges when they arrive. 

Once the book is released King said he’s interested to know what people think of it and afterward he expects to be involved in helping statehouse candidates. 

King said he’s been to every town in the 4 and 5 congressional districts, and the region is the foundation of all new wealth, has some of the richest lands in the world, and the best producers and operators that he has been able to meet.  

“This is the best place in the world to live and raise a family,” King said, “Good people come out of here, and we are not only the heart of the heartland, but we are the core of American values, and if anyone is going to restore this country to those values, we’re the ones that are going to do it.”  

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