SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Food insecurity has been a growing problem throughout the pandemic. One local college aims to curb the issue with its students.

St Luke’s College in Sioux City opened a college cupboard for students. The cupboard consists of dry and canned goods, along with toiletries.

Staff at the school has stocked the cupboard after some students had brought to their attention that it had become difficult to go to school and support their families.

“Students now to be able to get the resources they need without having to get a second job while they’re going through school hopefully it will help them be able to get groceries without having to work so much and be able to focus on their education,” said Ashley Drenkhan, a first-year student.

If you would like to support the cupboard, the college is accepting stable goods and donations toward a refrigerator for fresh goods.