SOUTH SIOUX, Neb. (KCAU) — With temperatures starting to drop local fire officials are warning Siouxlanders to be careful using space heaters.

Before turning a space heater on it is important to keep it away from anything flammable. When plugging in a space heater don’t use an extension cord, instead, it should be plugged into the outlet. The South Sioux City Fire Chief Terry Johnson said it is important to not use cheap extension cords when deciding to start up a space heater.

“Well those small extension heater cords are not made for that much amperage to go through, so they heat up. And if they heat up when they are laying on your floor, or they’re under a rug, or you have a box or something on them they can ignite and cause a fire that way,” said Johnson.

Johnson also said Siouxland residents should refrain from leaving space heaters unattended, especially around children.