ORANGE CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – A Siouxland man has been found guilty in the case of a murder of an Ireton man.

According to a press release from the Sioux County Attorney’s Office, Gregg Winterfeld, 71, of Spirit Lake, Iowa, was found guilty Tuesday in Sioux County District Court for the second-degree murder.

The murder charge stems from an incident on May 9, 2020, where officials said Winterfeld was at a home in rural Ireton. After spending some time at the home, police said Winterfeld shot Grant Wilson, 58.

Winterfeld was originally charged with first-degree murder, and his case was held in court starting on March 30. Winterfeld pleaded not guilty, but he was found guilty of second-degree murder. The court ordered a new trial in June, and the re-trial began on October 5.

During the October trial, Winterfeld was charged with second-degree murder, and he was found guilty.

Winterfeld was taken back into custody pending a new sentencing hearing, which the District Court has yet to schedule.

Sioux County Attorney Thomas Kunstle prosecuted the case in cooperation with the Sioux County Sheriff’s Office.