Soybean prices remain high but farmers stay hopeful during harvest

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LYTONN, Iowa (KCAU)- Siouxland has had a few dry days which is giving farmers a chance to get out in the fields. Harvest season is here and that means long hours for farmers who are trying to get their crops out of the ground.

“Mother Nature’s in charge. We think we’re doing something but Mother Nature will beat us every time,” said 5th generation farmer Randy Souder.

He started harvesting a week ago and the wet weather caused him to be three weeks behind schedule.

“I think we’ll have an average harvest somewhere in the 55 to 65-bushel range and in beans, they will be probably 250 bushels, ” said Souder.

As his crops continue to reach their maturity, Souder has kept a close eye on soybean prices.

“Nation-wise, we’re going to be short on beans [and] probably a little short in corn, but we watch the prices steadily increase over the last month or so,” said Souder.

As some farmers are not producing as much yield because of weather conditions, they are also facing the ongoing trade war with China.

“Yes, it hurt us. It lowered the price, but the price has rebounded. Yeah, we’re back about right where it was when the tariffs went on,” Souder.

Above all, Souder believes reaching an agreement with neighboring countries Mexico and Canada will be beneficial for farmers.

“If we can get it passed, we’re going to be a little better off. You know that will create some more markets for us,” Souder said.

But in order for farmers to come out on top this harvest season, they will be out in the fields now through mid-November and then they will be back out during planting season mid-April.

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