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Southwest case compared to Flight 232

Engine failure similar, as well as crew response

SIOUX CITY - While airplanes have become the safest mode of transportation, a fatal plane crash or emergency landing almost always makes national headlines. That held true for United flight 232, and was no different for the Southwest emergency landing made on Tuesday. 

We sat down with Woodbury County's emergency service director Gary Brown to see if there were any similarities in these two cases. He says the most notable parallel is how well crews responded in the midst of crisis.

"Very experienced pilot in both cases, both in Southwest and United 232. I understand the Southwest Captain was a former fighter pilot which is good experience for managing emergencies, but their job is to get that aircraft on the ground safely," says Brown.

Another similarity these cases share is an engine failure due to a ruptured fan disc. Brown says when it comes to something like that, its remarkable that both cases were survivable...but especially flight 232.

"232 that should have been 100 percent fatalities. That aircraft was by the book in every way shape and form un flyable. that aircraft should have never made it to sioux gateway airport. everybody that's looked at it said it should've crashed in a corn field in northwest iowa somewhere and it was because the good work of the crew and the good Lord watching over them that kept that aircraft from plummiting and killing everybody on board," says Brown.

As these events occur, Brown realizes that fear may be spiked in airline passengers...but assures folks that airlines have come a long way in safety.

"It's still the safest mode of transportation today. There were a lot more people killed on the interstate yesterday than by air travel and that's the case everyday. It's just when it's an airline incident, it tends to make big news," says Brown.

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