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South Sioux Soccer Boys stand tall against discrimination

Racist chants at the championship game aren't spoiling their victory

SOUTH SIOUX CITY, NE - "I don't see why we have to bring up the race and  all that I just feel like we're all mankind we should all just come together and just play against one another and just have a good time," says Miguel Curiel, South Sioux City boys soccer team captain.

It was a moment these boys have waited for the last five years. The South Sioux City boys soccer team clenched the State Championship title on Tuesday.

But unfortunately, Elkhorn South, their opponent's fans, were chanting derogatory phrases such as 'USA' to this South Sioux team, which is full of Hispanic and Latino players.

"We're like okay yeah we are USA, we are Americans, we are from this country, why wouldn't you want to be from this country? I think it kind of backfired to what they thought it would do to the boys...our boys are made differently. They don't think that way, they were there to execute a plan and they did it. They weren't going to let anybody take it away from them...not in the beginning not in the middle and not in the end," says Coach Gonzalez.

While this is only one instance, it's shedding light on something these players have dealt with ever since they can remember.

"They try to make you feel like you don't belong in this country... even if you were born here they don't want you here. And it's always been something we've faced," says Leonardo Davalos, team captain.

The next day Elkhorn South did send an apology letter. While the boys say they don't think any teams should have to face this discrimination, they appreciate the reconciliation...and are proud of their own community.

"South Sioux is a place where people unite. It's not a place where people insult each other. I just want to say thank you to the whole community for supporting us throughout the way," says Davalos.

The boys have chosen to stand tall and let their words be few

"There's nothing to say... just the medal and state trophy speaks for ourselves," says Curiel.

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