SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Friday morning, Siouxlanders got a chance to tour a newly built home, completed by South Sioux City Community Schools students.

The chamber coffee was hosted at the CTEC student building home project to recognize the hard work that went into the project.

This is the schools second home they’ve built, And unlike the first time, the district used their own money to fund the building of the home.

We spoke with one student about how beneficial the opportunity was.

“It was very hands on so I was able to learn a lot of basic construction knowledge so measurements, how to use certain tools in different situations,” said Junior High Student, Brodee Sims.

“You could see their faces today and how proud they are of this home, this is something years from now they can bring their family back to South Sioux City and say when I was in high school, I helped build that house,” Todd Strom, South Sioux City Community Schools Superintendent said.

The home isn’t up for sale just yet, but when it is, they hope to able to involve their marketing students and provide them the knowledge of advertising and selling a home.

The proceeds generated from selling the home will go back into the program, and eventually fund the next project.