SOUTH SIOUX CITY, Neb. (KCAU) — A South Sioux City senior living community is celebrating a resident’s 103rd birthday.

Staff at Azria Health Regency Square celebrated Mildred Edgington’s birthday a day early for residents and caretakers.

When Edgington woke up Friday morning, she wasn’t expecting a party in her honor.

“I’m surprised, I’m very surprised. I had no idea that we were gonna celebrate my birthday,” said Edgington.

The room was filled with both residents and staff excited for her 103rd birthday, especially when cake was served. When asked what her secret was to a long life, Edgington said she appreciates who and what she has around her every day.

“I think I just enjoy life, I’ve never had any problem enjoying life. I’ve had a lot of problems, I’ve had a lot of heartaches, but I still enjoy life,” said Edgington.

Mildred has been widowed three times, but she still has family. She said as she continues to get older, the more she appreciates the life she’s been given.

“I’m just happy to be here in life and I have a family, I have two sons and I have grandchildren. All of those things bring happiness,” said Edgington. “You know, I don’t feel it’s anything special. I guess God just gave me extra time.”

Mildred said even though she’s a 103, she doesn’t feel like she’s aged since her 90th birthday.