SOUTH SIOUX CITY, Neb. (KCAU) — Star Wars Storm Troopers greeted Siouxlanders at the South Sioux City Library on Saturday as part of the first annual Pop Con.

From comic books to video games, anime, and even movies, fans were able to geek out at the library.

Pop con featured a variety of activities like panel discussions, board games, and a cosplay contest.

The Head of Youth Services at the South Sioux City Public Library Donna Vanhorn told KCAU 9 that she felt that it was time for South Sioux City to have an event like this.

“We have stuff in Omaha to go to, or Des Moines, or Sioux Falls, and we’re kinda the central location and we don’t have something like this,” said Vanhorn, “So, we at the library thought we would start one, and use the space that we have to share our love of nerdy things.”

Vanhorn added that when they were first planning the vent, the library was unsure about how many people would attend.

“It’s been kinda crazy how popular it got, we weren’t expecting so many people, but we were also like maybe more people will come, we don’t know what’s going on,” Youth Librarian Rin Poate said.

With one pop con now in the books, organizers indicated that they already have plans to do it again next year.