SOUTH SIOUX CITY, Nebraska (KCAU)– With Labor Day weekend swiftly approaching, many Siouxlanders are planning on spending their extra day off away from home camping. 

Scenic Park Campground officials told KCAU they’re booked out till after the holiday weekend, with many of the soon-to-be campers coming from out of state such as Alabama and even Maine.

Gene Maffit, the director of the South Sioux City Parks And Recreation Department said Scenic Park is ready for the holiday influx.

“I mean we really try to keep up on the maintenance that needs done on this like the mowing and any of the maintenance on the plumbing and heating and the whatever, and the bathrooms are in good shape,” said Maffit.

Maffit wants to remind folks to be respectful of their campsite and of other campers while having fun over the three-day weekend.

“Well, we just really don’t want you to bother your neighbors and kinda keep your noise down to where if it’s gonna bother anybody it’s not gonna be neighbors or anything around you that would have problems with it. we have other rules and we want you picking up after your pets and you know just standard things that would happen in any campground,” said Maffit.

According to AAA, you can expect August 31st and September 1st to be the busiest days for vehicle traffic, as folks are taking advantage of the longer weekend.