SOUTH SIOUX CITY, Neb. (KCAU) — When you’re creating artwork, the inspiration can come anywhere.

8th-graders from South Sioux Middle School were over at DriveInn Storage, spraying some school spirit on the buildings.

For the last two years, their teacher Mrs. Blom has set her students on the community to help beautify it with art.

Blom will go out and outline the murals and let students paint them however they like. She told us that the event is fun for the students and passerbys.

“They get to choose colors and it gets a little messy and that’s a lot of fun and then I come back and I do some detail work after we’re all done to make it look a little more presentable,” said Blom.

One student talked about the importance of artists showing off their artwork.

“It shows that, how I say, kind of how we feel and how we feel about our art. Some people might not take it seriously but some people do and like they show off what they can do.”

Their teacher hopes to make this an annual event and is looking for more locations to let students paint.