PAULLINA, Iowa (KCAU) — The South O’Brien Community School District is working towards a bond to renovate and expand their middle school and high school.

After a facilities inspection, the school district realized they needed to improve the middle school and high school the most.

“Sometimes our shortfalls are coming because of facilities. The facilities needs don’t meet up to where we want to take our students, and this will provide that ample amount of space that will provide all sorts of learning and growth to happen at South O’Brien moving forward,” said Wade Riley, superintendent of South O’Brien Community School District.

Their biggest items on the list are improving the agricultural and industrial arts classrooms. Currently, both classes are a door away from each other and share a homeroom. With the money, the school district hopes to give the agricultural and industrial arts the room they need.

“It just seemed like those were areas that we needed to continue to expand on because those are things that primarily impact our communities. agricultural, some of the trades areas, you know the industrial arts types of skill sets. Those are things that we wanted to try to capitalize on for our students, because that’s what keeps jobs going here in our communities and also keeping students in our seats,” said Riley.

One South O’Brien High School student said he’s all for the idea of improving the school district.

“I think it would improve our school system and help out, make it a little better for the kids too,” said Junior Jraraiza, a South O’Brien High School student.

If voters approve the bond measure by March 7, then the district could begin construction in early 2024.