SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO)– When it comes to Halloween candy, kids can get quite greedy. But others quite giving.

James Archer wasn’t going to be at his home in the southeast part of Sioux Falls Halloween night, so he placed a bowl of candy out for trick-or-treaters. The bowl was secured to a chair with a sign that said, “Help yourself and smile for the camera,” positioned in front of a door camera.

One boy decided to take all the candy including the bowl and even severed the secured tie-downs from the bowl to steal it.

When the next group of trick-or-treaters came, there was no candy for them to take.

Without hesitation, a boy took several pieces out of his container and placed it on the chair where the bowl formerly sat. The next two girls did the same for the next trick-or-treeters, paying it forward for others to enjoy.

In the Halloween world of greedy ghosts, there are good goblins out there too!

NOTE: We blurred out the faces of the trick-or-treaters as they appear to be minors; if you recognize anyone in the group that leaves candy behind, reach out to us. We’d love to interview them.