NORTH SIOUX CITY, S.D. (KCAU) — Over in North Sioux City, Congressman Dusty Johnson presented a pin and challenge coin to local Vietnam veteran Steve Von Minden who served in the army during the war.

This program allows veterans of the Vietnam War to get recognition for their service that many were denied when they returned home.

KCAU 9 spoke with Rep. Johnson after the ceremony about his dealings in the capitol.

“Because we do have a Farm Bill, that’s got to get done this year,” Johnson said. “We want to talk to producers about that. We do have an Annual Defence Authorization Bill that we’ve got to get done this year, we want to talk to people who are concerned about security about that. We need to fund the government. Shutting down the government on October 1 would be a dumb thing to do.”

Congress will be back in session on September 12.