Some Sioux City residents want ‘Thrill Hill’ closed

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A quiet Sioux City neighborhood is known as a place to go for a cheap thrill. The problem is, the steep hill at 25th and Dupont is not only a nuisance for people who live nearby, but it can be downright dangerous.
That’s why neighbors met for a meeting with city leaders on Thursday night.
Locals call it “Thrill Hill”, because its’ known for the adrenaline rush drivers get as they speed down it. 
Residents say they’re tired of the joy rides and wants the city to make it safer for them and anyone else who is traveling up or down that road.  
“All I hear is the ‘oooh-weee’ if you know what I’m saying,” said Kevin Juron, who lives on 25th street.  
Kevin Juron is referring to the sound he hears cars make as they speed past his home on 25th street. It’s garnered the nickname “Thrill Hill”, and you can probably guess why.
But what could be a few seconds of a thrill can kill, and it has.
Back in November, two people died in a car crash after speeding over the steep hill at 25th and Dupont on the Northside.
“I would like for it to be closed because there’s a lot of speeding,” said Colleen Fawcett, who lives on 25th street.
Worried neighbors got the chance to talk about their concerns with city leaders at a meeting Thursday night.
Some hope the city will close it off for good, others think more warning signs for drivers could make the street safer.
“I have an open mind where like you know what i said earlier, I’d like to see the yellow lights…The cautions signs and everything,” said Juron.  
Even with varying opinions about the best solution, people who took the time to share their ideas just want something done.
“Absolutely, they came together tonight…and I’ll tell you what, anybody that wants to take a course in civics or government …this was an ideal meeting to have because they were pulling together, but at the same token they also want to see solutions from city council, the city officials, and city leaders,” said city council member Dan Moore. 
There have been 17 accidents in 13 years on 25th street, four of those are associated with high speeds on ‘Thrill Hill’. 

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