Snowfall impacts midwestern farmers

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SOUTH DAKOTA (KCAU) – Farmers are dealing with one of the worst planting and harvest seasons, from the wet spring and summer to the early sub-freezing temperatures.

Steve Halverson, a South Dakota farmer, has crops that are ready to be harvested, but winds, freezing rain, and snow keep pushing the harvest date back.

“We were hoping to be maybe a week away from harvest. But, with this it is going to be pushed back a couple of weeks,” Halverson said.

“At this point, on the corn, it won’t really affect it much. The cold weather coming at us, there is going to be a freeze with it. So, some of the late-planted crops probably are not quite yet to maturity. So, that’s going to affect the yield and test weight on the crop,” said Halverson.

Not only does he have to worry about his fields, but he also has cattle to worry about.

“We were fortunate here where we didn’t get the amount of snow that they did further west. We were very concerned, we brought in our cattle that had the least amount of protection. Brought them in so they could get behind some windbreaks,” Halverson said.

“My dad is 90-years old and he’s never seen anything like this. So, it’s one of those years that you plan for the worst, hope for the best, and keep moving forward. This is unheard of and we’re you know in the West Central part of the state, and we normally never get this rain. We’re hoping for a better 2020,” Halverson said.

From April blizzards to flooding, and everything in between, Halverson says this year is one he’ll never forget.

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